Who I am and Why I am Here

Welcome to my site!

I am a full time husband, father, and electrical engineering student at Penn State. I began my college career in 2013 just two years after my son was born. In the fall of 2016 I had to take a financial hardship immediately after gaining admission into my major. I am starting again in the fall of 2018 in hopes of finishing my degree.

My first four months in college profoundly changed forty-three negative years of my life. My first class and my first A letter grade was English 15. From that moment on my confidence and belief in myself has never diminished.

If you like what I am writing about just click on the button below and donate a $1.00 to help me pay for my continuing education. The pay-pal is linked to my 501 collage savings plan. My goal to so raise $24,000 by the end on 2019.


Thank  You,