President Trump and Mental Disorders

What are Psychological Disorders?

A mental disorder isn’t defined by a single word or definition. Most entry level Psychology text books define a mental disorder as behavior exhibiting a pattern of events. These events are gathered  into three categories as event factors. Most mental health professionals will look at the persons pattern of behavior and how its associated with one or more of the three event factors:

  1. The persons behavior shows some level of impairment or disability that interferes with the function of emotional, cognitive, physical, and behavioral areas.
  2. The person shows a degree of distress like, hopelessness, fear, and sadness
  3. The person shows a risk of hurting themselves or someone else.

When a person looks at President Trumps history of behavior since he was elected it is easy to see why some in the media say he defiantly falls under multiple categories in text book mental disorders. But that isn’t fair, and it isn’t how its done.

If we are going to look at text book assessments then we also have to look at the caveat.

We are all human,  so when unusual things happen to us, they are overlooked. For example, like the loss of a beloved dog, or a dictator saying he has a button to begin a thermonuclear war and in the process kill every living thing on the planet.

Whatever the case, these three event factors only describe what a person does.

The following is taken straight from a text book.

To the contrary, the understanding of particular impairments should be balanced with recognition of individual and situational circumstances. Ex: a child’s behavior, thinking, and physical status are all important considerations in determining the degree of success or failure in adapting to the demands of the environment.

It should help us understand the stress President Donald Trump is under.

When President Trump decides to cancel a meeting to discuss the denuclearization with one of the most tyrannical and ruthless dictators in our modern world, because they used mean and scary words, at least we will be able to understand why.

Textbooks tell us when a person responds to unnatural events, or unforeseen circumstances with calm and clarity it is a sign of maturity.

Unfortunately, textbooks say nothing about a President who responds to an unnatural event with a poem.




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