Wealth And Intelligence

Two Words with Nothing in Common

Most people will agree the average American child between the ages of 5 and 18 ( or 17, depending when they were born) spends around 15,000 hours in school. We think of it as a place for creative thinking, learning how to socialize with their peers, and conditioning their muscles on the playground. A time when children’s energy can be compared to rocket fuel. But when we start to look at the individual child, that’s when things can get very complicated depending on who you talk to.

Some researchers believe they have found overwhelming evidence between the number of years spent in school and the level of success the child will achieve. A High School graduate will have a longer life than one who drops out. Less time spent in school means they will be unemployed more often than those students who graduate.( Wonacott, 2003; Dillon, Liem, and Gore, 2003 )

I think its safe to say ‘success’ is a relative word with credibility lying with the speaker. Regardless of what we might hear in the media, social media, and Western European philosophy. Having a lot of money is not directly proportionate to a persons level of intelligence.

Thousands of studies have been done trying to find similarities, something in common, between the two. Evidence does not exist. I agree, I have worked for more dumb asses than I can count. A person driving a nice expensive car means, at that moment in time a person is driving a nice expensive car. How ironic some universities cost a few thousands of dollars per semester to attend and some cost hundreds of thousands. All evidence seems to point to one basic component. If the student isn’t motivated to learn or if their mind simply hasn’t matured past kindergarten it will be self evident. My son who is six years old knows repeating a word over and over again in the same sentence doesn’t add strength to the word. He knows putting an exclamation point at the end of a sentence doesn’t convey anger. It means the person is excited. Putting more then one exclamation doesn’t mean the person is super mega happy.


“Its gonna be  really, really, really Big!! Just wait and see Rocket Man!!!!”

I think this is a good time to end this post.  I just now realized I compared the intelligence of my six year old to the intelligence of our current President of the United States. As objective as I try to be, I don’t think I was far off. The President also went to one of the most expensive private business collages in the state of New York.

My son and his classmates have almost completed the first grade. Public education, funded with public dollars.

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