IQ Testing…..Fer Getta ’bout it!

IQ tests are unreliable

Measuring Intelligence 

In 1905 two Frenchman, Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon were recruited by authorities in the Paris school to develop a test that could be given to children who were having difficulty in school. The scope of work was simple. Identify those who were not intelligent enough to cope with the regular curriculum. Then they would be placed in so called beneficial classes. This type of tracking based solely on a fixed score has been discredited by multiple researchers over the coarse of many years. Most will agree, this first intelligent test had genuine humanitarian purpose. (Slavin 1990; Dornbusch, Glasgow, & Lin, 1996; Stipek,2002)

Stanford-Binet   The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale (Roid, 2003) is the modern version and  a direct descendent from the original Binet-Simon test. This test can be given to adults,  it is pimaraly used to measure childhood intelligence. It is accepted and used world wide in every age group except infancy. It stresses academic and verbal skills associated with school. The last sentence cannot be overstated. School, and school only. But if a person would like to download the free app., test and judge everyone they know, please be my quest. It even works on my Rottweiler Lily, although the verbal part was a bit tricky.

The Formula   IQ= (mental age/actual age) * 100,  The belief is measuring a child’s intellectual ability relative to their age.  The medium score of 100 is center normal.

EX: A 6 year old can perform the same work as other 6 year olds, the equation would look like this. (6 divided by 6) x 100,  yields an IQ of 100, 100 is spot on middle of the road normal.

The problem lies in its reliability, one of the many problems is, it assumes the age of the children as being on the same exact day for everyone. Meaning if the children are 11 months apart, the older child has almost a year on the youngest. These scores also are assumed to be normally distributed across the general population. This is only an average, and not to be taken as a fixed, static intelligence. We never stop developing , Our IQ can and will change aver time directly proportionate to the academic work load of the individual. If a person wants to become gifted simply pick a person out of the  population that is 4 or 5 years older then they are and have them perform a task you know how to do.  EX a 4 year old performs work that a 6 year old does. (6/4) x 100 = an IQ of 150, reference the model, and now the child’s intelligence is beyond genius.

All intelligence test are an average of performance. They all use different concepts, items and definitions of what is  intelligence. Science has yet to come up with an absolute standard  to asses and measure intelligence.

For obvious reasons we should leave the intelligence measuring, labels, and stereotypes for the health professionals to argue over. Let the child be a child, I know of no test that can measure a child missing out on their childhood. The mind will remember, so let them remember love and security, instead of charts, graphs and antiquated lifeless models.

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