Gifted Intelligence? or Living in Denial


Some things in life need to be left alone. Especially if we don’t know what we are doing. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to the Psychology of a child’s cognitive development. I have no problem with peoples personal beliefs. After all its personal, and its none of my business.

Its the adults who call themselves mature, stand on the proverbial soapbox and crow to the world (usually without being asked)

I am gifted!

ok cool, nothing wrong with that. Except they cant keep it to themselves. The people they gravitate towards are children. They know children are highly impressionable.  The self proclaimed gifted adult will start using vocabulary words they never used before, taken completely out of context. Just because it has six or seven syllables , ex : Ethnocentricity    or Endomorphism.  The abnormal behavior a person (on average) will go through playing make believe is almost comical. My problem starts when mature adults start passing judgement on other child’s development, giving extra time for some kids and not others.  Its just disgusting. Its a industry that isn’t regulated.

If I go online and give legal advise I’m breaking the law, I’m not a lawyer.

If I go online and give medical advice on anything I’m breaking the law, I’m not a doctor.

If I go online and give advise to unsuspecting families about the intelligence lvl of their kid, nothing will happen,, in fact If A person put up the right adds the jazzy site, they could start making money off of it and as long as they are not physically hurting anyone it isn’t against the law.

Warning Signs of a Fraudster 

If we are given a reference of their information and its dated more then five years old, run.

If they have no idea what a Tabula Rasa is, run.

Don’t be afraid to ask how, when and who declared them to have such superior wisdom. If they can only give you one name, run. Especially if they tell you it was a psychologist, psychiatrist, or medical Doctor, run like hades. Most professionals will not tell you a diagnosis, good or bad, because you might start to think of your self as having superior intellect to the point you start to volunteering information, even to those who didn’t want it.


When the fraudster is typing  something up in word, ask them if they can tell you what MLA, CMA, APA stand for. if they look somewhat puzzled, run.

If they are unable to give any kind of a reference they learned it in a college level Statistical Analysis class, run. this is when they would have learn about the’ standard deviation’. I have had educators in grades K through 5 talk about the ‘SD’ in the most bazaar ways. In Pennsylvania it isn’t even required for a degree in secondary education to have any math classes at all. Most ‘Stat 200’ classes have a prerequisite of at least passing algebra 1 with a c or better, just to get in. Engineering students need a c or better in stat 200 to receive credit for the coarse. Public school teachers, especially those in K-5, have no training in mathematics what so ever. They shouldn’t deceive parents into thinking they have.

We are always developing, it has been proven, overwhelmingly, a person has the power to raise their intelligence. They also hold the opposite, we can make ourselves less intelligent as well. Children develop at different times. Give them plenty of love and understanding. If and when the youngster asked about things such as ‘smart and stupid’ tell them those are words we don’t use. Those are for the self proclaimed gifted community. They need those words, Its the only way they know how to describe their superior level of understanding to each other.


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